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Learn how to make money online

Learn how to make money online

Worldwide Work from Home Jobs: Best 100 Places To Apply with Today

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Worldwide Work from Home Jobs: Best 100 Places To Apply with Today

I am regularly asked for recommendations on worldwide work from home jobs available outside the US. The problem is with so many online scams you have to be careful to only find trustworthy sites that actually pay. As a result, I have put together a list of worldwide jobs and gigs allowing you to work from anywhere no matter where you are located. I will add to this list as I come across more sites that I trust.

Struggling to find a worldwide work from home job? If so, you'll want to check out this HUGE list of global jobs available to workers worldwide.

Best 100 Places To Find (Legit) Worldwide Work from Home Jobs

There are a lot of benefits that are involved when you become a freelancer. Some of the legitimate ways of making money worldwide include the following:


If you want to look for all types of worldwide freelance jobs, then you must consider Upwork. There are opportunities for various people such as designers, programmers, writers, translators, ICT experts and even financial advisors hence there is a wide niche.


Freelancer has been on the market since 2004, and it has acquired a lot of following from different clients and freelancers. There are also different opportunities for those interested in freelance jobs such as marketing, web design, writing, and data entry among other opportunities that you can consider.


Carribean Jobs    

This resource is available for those who live outside the US, as well as Caribbean countries such as Jamaica, Barbados, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republican, and more!


Guru is also a large network that has been connecting freelancers worldwide with various customers who have different needs. If you are a translator, a writer, and programmer you can land a gig here and make some cash.


iFreelance has various categories that you can choose from such as videography, photography, traditional art, marketing, translation, writing, architecture, accounting and graphics design among other useful projects to interested freelancers. Anyone can quickly create an account here and start looking for projects that match the skills.

People Per Hour 

To succeed in people per hour, you need to create a project that is appealing to customers looking for freelancers. You can also create a short video that describes who you are and the services you can offer.


It is a good job board for writers who are talented. There are excellent writing opportunities that you can consider if you want to make some money. All you should do is to click on the job listing that interests you, and after following the instructions, you will be ready to go.

Freelance Writing Gigs 

If you are a talented writer, you can try your luck here. You will showcase your skills and those who find your profile appealing will take the chance to hire you. If you do good work, you will be paid for your efforts.


It is best for designers and programmers. There are lots of opportunities here if you have the right skills. The site is designed to be user-friendly, and you will be able to browse quickly and hunt for freelance job opportunities that match your skills.


More freelance websites to check out:

  1. 10up
  2. 18F
  3. Aha!
  4. Automattic
  5. Buffer
  6. Covance –
  7. Chef
  8. CircleCI
  9. Clevertech
  11. Customer
  12. Edgar
  13. Envato
  14. Fastly
  15. GitHub
  16. GitLab
  17. Groupon
  18. Heap Analytics
  19. Help Scout
  20. InVision
  21. Mozila –
  22. MySQL –
  23. Netguru  –
  24. Pitch Me –
  25. Seed
  26. SignEasy –
  27. SimpleTexting –
  28. Stack Overflow –
  29. Stripe –
  30. Surevine –
  31. SweetRush –
  32. TeamSnap –
  33. TED –
  34. Toptal –
  35. Udacity –
  36. Upworthy –
  37. Vox Media –
  38. X-Team
  39. Zapier

Social Media Worldwide Jobs

If you love social media, you can now make use of it and start earning money. You can use social media to earn money through promotion of businesses on social media and websites. In return, they will appreciate your efforts by paying you. You may also get gifts cards for promoting various services on the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  1. Modsquad – ( Scroll down to the bottom and select “Join the Mods”)
  2. Voice Hub –

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Worldwide Surveys

  1. BankrollBucks –
  2. Global Test Market  –
  3. Paid Viewpoint –
  4. Survey Savvy –
  5. Swagbucks –

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Short Tasks

It is a way of earning money for people who do not want to handle complex projects. It is a simple way of making money online, and you can make some good money doing small tasks. You can do task identification, commenting on various sites, writing some short articles and doing some simple research. There are multiple platforms such as GigWalk, ClickWorker, SEOClerk, Microworker and Mturk where you can sign up and start making money.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk –Read more–
  2. Clickworker –
  3. Fusion Cash –
  4. Onespace –

Worldwide Tutoring/Teaching Jobs

  1. Aim 4 A Tutor –
  2. Cambly –
  3. Go Fluent –

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Worldwide Website Testing Jobs

If you are good at browsing the web, it is now time to start turning it into something useful. You can now start making money and get paid through efficient payment methods such as PayPal. It is a fun job if you enjoy surfing the Internet.

  1. UserTesting –
  2. Userlytics –
  3. UserTest –
  4. Whatusersdo –

Web Search

Web search is an interesting way of earning money because you will be doing what you already do without pay.

  1. Appen Butler – More details –
  2. Leapforce  –
  3. Qmee –
  4. Lionbridge –

Customer Service

Customer service is another way you can start earning money today. Various websites and customers are looking for people from remote location to handle clients and serve them properly. It is a job that you can do from any location, and you can be successful as long as you are diligent.

  1. Teletech –
  2. Hubstaff –
  3. SalesForce –

Worldwide Typing/Transcription

If you are good at typing and you can listen well, you can make money through transcription. You need to have fast typing skills, and you can make some good money. Also, you need to be experienced in fields such as legal fields or medical because most of the transcription assignments need such skills and knowledge. To get paid you have to deliver quality and accurate work to the clients.

  1. AccuTran Global –
  2. GoTranscript –
  3. Scribie –
  4. Transcribe Me –Read more–
  5. Way with Words – Read review –
  6. Speechpad – Read Review –
  7. REV –


Translation is one of the best ways of making money online if you can understand various languages. There’s a number of customers always looking for people who can translate content from one language to another. With the right knowledge required for translation, you can try and start earning today.

  1. ABC Translation Services
  2. Avant Page
  3. Affordable Translations
  4. AccuRapid Translation
  5. Butler Hill Group
  6. African Translation
  7. Creative English Solutions
  8. Dialog One
  9. Global Link Translations 
  10. Pacific Interpreters
  11. Responsive Translation
  12. SDL International
  13. TeleLanguage
  14. Trusted Translations


Writing is also essential if you want to start your journey to make money online worldwide. Below, are a list of freelance sites that post writing jobs worldwide.

  1. HireWriters –
  2. DotDash –
  3. Writers Domain –
  4. Freelance Writing Gigs –

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