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Learn how to make money online

Capital One 360 Savings & Checking Account: +CD Interest Rates & MMA Bonus

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Capital One 360 Savings & Checking Account: +CD Interest Rates & MMA Bonus


With any savings account, interest can help you build up amounts to something that you can rely on. The Capital One 360 approach to interest is focused more on the customer and less on its gains. While fees may fluctuate from time to time, these accounts are focused on a rate that is higher than competitors. That makes a win-win for consumers looking to make something out of a small amount. While Capital One 360’s fees may change based on myriad of factors, the usual rate is well above anything else out there.

Keep in mind, interest rates could always be higher and Capital 360 is no exception. It’s also important to know that this rate is non-negotiable, so you’ll have to go along with company policy on this one. Still, it’s a much better rate than you’ll find at many of the most well-known banks out there.

Who Is This Made For?

When you search out options for your banking business, the first question can be whether this service is tailored to your needs. First and foremost, if you can use a smartphone or computer, you can do this. The overall program is designed to be used by anyone and the results are something anyone can take advantage of. People who don’t like the traditional banking experience will especially love what this has to offer. Just think, no more teller waits or constant surprises to get something done.

One of the biggest considerations is how much control do you want over your account and how many accounts do you need. As you’ll read later, these concepts really make a difference in how much you’ll get out of Capital One 360.

The Basics Of This Savings Account:

With all of the traditional banks out there, Capital One has turned around the formula to make something that benefits that consumer, instead of just the bank itself. Don’t get confused here, they have the same services and benefits, like those that get payments sent without a second thought.

Instead of stopping by a bank and waiting in crowded lines, the direct method of setting up and getting to your money is all done on the Internet. Get updates no matter where you are or what device you use, this interface is built for user convenience.

How does the company deal with the old check method of payments, with ease? If you have a paper check for any reason, just take a picture through their app. The check will process just like a direct deposit would into the account of your choice.

When it’s time to get the savings account going, setting up regular deposits are easy. Simply set up the amount you want drawn and the times you want it drawn, the account does the rest. By the way, you can have multiple sub-accounts that can help you keep track of goals. Saving for the car or when an appliance breaks? Separate them into two specific savings areas. Want a house in the future and an apartment today? Split your account into dedicated portions. It goes on and on from there. Luckily, you can create over 20 accounts to help you stay on your way to financial freedom.

Keeping track of everything is also a breeze if you are already a Capital One customer or are opening more than just a savings account. Many people only known Capital One as a credit card company and they may not be that far off when it comes to previous perceptions. Now, the growing list of the company’s financial options has grown into all areas of banking. It only makes sense to have a Capital One 360 checking account This simple option brings together everything you have with the company and doesn’t penalize you with additional fees.

This is also crucial to helping you keep a healthy financial outlook. By informing you of every transaction, balance, and payments due, there’s no way to have something unexpected creep up without notice. Knowing there is a reliable safety net waiting there for you in those emergencies makes all the difference. It’s a feature that not all companies offer, but sets Capital One 360 apart.


The use of ATMs really helps, especially in a world that doesn’t always take credit over cash. Capital One 360 is approved for use with ATMs throughout the country. If you travel a lot for work or personal reasons, this can especially be important. As always, check with the company about any changing policies to ensure the best experience and look out for any changes concerning fees or additional blocks.

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