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Learn how to make money online

3 Bible Verses about Money Everyone Should Know

learn how to make money online

3 Bible Verses about Money Everyone Should Know

Date: 2019-07-01 17:00:02


Great interview with Bob from SeedTime Money about Christian finances and some ideas from money and the bible. You’ll love this video on 7 Weird Things Christians Should do With Money

Bob Lotich is a good friend of mine from a financial media conference I go to each year. I’ve always admired his steadfast faith and how much he knows about the bible.

Today, I’m talking to Bob about money and the bible. He’s sharing some of his favorite bible verses about Christian money and personal finance. I think this is one of the most often misunderstood concepts from the bible so it’s a great conversation and must-watch video for biblical money principles.

Whether you’re a Christian or of another faith, these are some great principles to follow. They’ll not only help you manage your money but will help you be a better, kinder person.

Bob has been sharing his experience writing about biblical and Christian personal finance for more than a decade. He’s written four books including ‘Managing Money God’s Way’ and has been featured on Forbes, CBN and Yahoo Finance. He’s also a Certified Educator in Personal Finance so a great balance of faith and personal finance. Check out his channel, SeedTime Money, here on YouTube.

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Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.

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