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T-Mobile Phone Plan Review: Best Trade-in, Family & Wifi Hotspot Deals

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T-Mobile Phone Plan Review: Best Trade-in, Family & Wifi Hotspot Deals

T-Mobile Pay As You Go Plan

This plan is best for someone who might not use a whole lot of data, and would rather pay for their minutes and texts individually. It is certainly a rare plan and very few customers ultimately decide to select this plan, but it can be cost effective if you are careful with how you use your data, text messages, and minutes. A minimum payment is still required for servicing this plan at the completion of each month.

Short term data plans can be purchased along with this offer, for customers who might desire data for seven days or one month individually. It is important to note that none of the previous perks are included with this plan. That means no free Netflix membership, no in-flight WiFi, no foreign data plans, and no live streaming.

T-Mobile Comparison to Rivals

It has always been a competitive market between Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Customers have been witnessing competitive commercial face-offs and advertising campaigns to try and out-prove services to users. Ultimately, all of these service plans are very similar, but there can be some preferences involved that might effect your purchase decisions.

It is a common consensus that T-Mobile and Sprint are the two best value services among the major telecommunication networks offering plans to customers. This means that AT&T and Verizon are slightly higher in price, but also offer a few additional features.

The problem is that many customers do not desire these features, and some might not even know that they exist. For example, Verizon offers the Verizon Cloud to customers with cloud storage space and occasional travel passes. This might sound appealing, but are customers really willing to pay an extra premium for these minor benefits?

If you are a senior citizen or military member, you might be more interested in T-Mobile because of the senior and military discounts that are offered. If you are looking for premium features and are willing to pay a little bit extra every month, you might want to look elsewhere at an alternative service.

LTE Coverage Maps Comparison

When it comes to LTE coverage maps in 2019, T-Mobile and Verizon are by far the front runners in this department. It is quite clear that AT&T and Sprint are lagging somewhat behind in covering all areas of the United States.

This has been an ongoing battle for a very long time, but ultimately it appears that each major telecommunication service has its own agenda for expanding its region of support for customers. Expansion has been extremely difficult in some areas for Sprint, but if you live in a metropolitan area or highly populated city, it is likely that you will have service from all four of the major services.

The country-side is where it can be quite noticeably different for AT&T and Sprint, where LTE data is clearly lagging behind the two front runners. T-Mobile has a free comparison map on the home page of their website for users to check out and compare the various regions of coverage.

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