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Learn how to make money online

This Altcoin Is Set To EXPLODE in 2021! (Student Coin Review & Update)

learn how to make money online

This Altcoin Is Set To EXPLODE in 2021! (Student Coin Review & Update)

Date: 2021-03-08 06:06:33


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Student Coin (STC) Full Review Video:


So, student coin or STC for short, is the first token in the world created for students that aims to educate on blockchain technology and foster early adoption.

The project is run by students from different universities, research clubs, and entrepreneurs under the academic faculty’s supervision.

Alright so let’s firstly talk a lil more about what Student Coin actually is
The Student Coin was created to introduce the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain to students.

STC is a coin that aims to tokenize modern education systems and create a multi-university blockchain network that connects universities worldwide.
Doing so also pushes the acceptance of blockchain technology in the world and facilitates crypto adoption. Basically it’s just going to help crypto massively.

The student coin token is based on two blockchains; Ethereum and Waves.
The Ethereum blockchain enables STC exchanges and trading.
And at the same time, the Waves blockchain allows users a platform to create their own custom blockchains.

The Student Coin is based on the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus (DPoS), offering higher speed and protection from malicious practices.
Student Coins are currently distributed mainly on airdrops to popularize the concept and widen acceptance among the targeted people.

And right now they are actually awarding new members with a few free coins to start up right after joining.

The website is also having a section of Presale that is ongoing and leading to enable the development of the next phases of the project. Those are the STC database, STC Exchange, STC Terminal, and Student App.

The entire development plan, literally every single detail about STC is available in the whitepaper. which I’ll leave a link to in the description down below.

Oh and there are currently over 500 universities involved in STC, in over 25 countries.

So I guess you could say Student Coin ICO is already pretty well established.

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